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Choose the letter of the word or group of words that best completes the sentence.
1. _____ is famous as the home of the U.S. Naval Academy.
    (A) Annapolis
    (B) Because of Annapolis
    (C) Why Annapolis
    (D) Because Annapolis
2. Some scientists think _____ be a planet but a moon of Neptune.
    (A) that Pluto does not seem.
    (B) not Pluto
    (C) Pluto that might not
    (D) that Pluto might not
3. With _____ of sophisticated oil lamps, elaborate tools were made to cut the wicks.
     (A) appeared
     (B) the appearance
     (C) the appearance was
     (D) it appeared
4. Fort Union was the site of what ____ principal fur-trading post on the upper Missouri River.
    (A) the
    (B) being the
    (C) was the
    (D) it was the
5. Since _____ commercial risk, it has to appeal to a large audience to justify its cost.
    (A) the face of the movie
    (B) moving faces
    (C) a movie faces
    (D) to face a movie

6. A current of water known as the Gulf Stream comes up from the Gulf of Mexico, and then ____ the 
    North Atlantic toward Europe.
    (A) it crosses
    (B) crossing
    (C) with its crosses
    (D) crosses it
7. Systems ____ the two symbols 0 and 1 are called binary number systems.
    (A) use
    (B) they use
    (C) uses
    (D) using
8. Genes, _____ the blueprints for cell construction, exist in tightly organized packages called chromosomes.
(A) are
(B) they are
(C) which
(D) which are
9. The Earth’s atmosphere consists of gases _____ in place around the Earth by the gravitational pull of 
     the planet.
     (A) held
     (B) hold
     (C) it holds
     (D) the hold
10. Oscar Hammerstein II collaborated with a number of composers including Jerome Kern, whom 
       _____ in writing the musical Show Boat.
      (A) joined
      (B) was joined
      (C) he joined
      (D) joining



Study each of the passages, and choose the best answers to the questions that follow.

PASSAGE ONE (Questions 1 - 2)

Many parts of the Southwestern United States would become deserts again without
the waters of the Colorado River. A system of thousands of miles of canals, hundreds of miles of tunnels and aqueducts, and numerous dams and n bring Colorado
River water to the area. The Imperial Valley in Southern California is an example of
such a place; it is a vast and productive agricultural area that was once a desert. Today,
2,000 miles of canals irrigate the fertile land and keep it productive.

1. Which of the following is mentioned in the passage as a way that Colorado River water gets to the Southwest?
(A) By truck
(B) In bottles
(C) In wells
(D) Through canals
2. According to the passage, the Imperial Valley
(A) is a desert today
(B) is located in Colorado
(C) produces a lot of agricultural goods
(D) does not require irrigation

PASSAGE TWO (Questions 3 - 5)

The ancestors of humans had a lot more hair than the humans of today; in fact, they
had thick hair all over their bodies. This thick hair was necessary for protection against
the cold of the Ice Ages.
As the Earth got warmer, the hair began to thin out, except for on the head. The
head hair has remained through the evolutionary process, both as a sort of pillow to
cushion the sensitive head when it gets banged around and as a sort of hat to keep the
head warm and prevent so much heat from escaping through the scalp.

3. Which of the following is true about the hair of the ancestors of humans?
    (A) There was not much of it.
    (B) It covered their entire bodies.
    (C) It was thin,
    (D) It was not useful.

4. According to the passage, what happened as the temperature on the Earth increased?
    (A) The hair on the head began to thin out.
    (B) The hair on the body remained the same.
    (C) The hair on the body got thicker.
    (D) The hair on the body began to thin out.

5. The author indicates that one of the purposes of hair on the head is to
    (A) fill up pillows
    (B) help heat escape through the scalp
    (C) ensure that the head is warm
    (D) make it easier to think

PASSAGE THREE (Questions 6-10)

The plane with the largest wingspan ever built was nicknamed the Spruce Goose.
The wingspan of the Spruce Goose was 320 feet (almost 100 meters), and the plane
weighed 200 tons. It was so big that it needed eight engines to power it.
The plane was designed by Howard Hughes in response to a U.S. government
request for a plane that was able to carry a large cargo for the war effort. It was made of
wood because wood is a less critical material in wartime than metal.
The plane was so difficult to build that it never really got used. It was flown one
time only, by 1-lughes himself, on November 2, 1947; during that flight it traveled a
distance of less than one mile over the Los Angeles Harbor, but it did fly. Today, the
Spruce Goose is on exhibit for the public to see in Long Beach, California.

6. Which of the following is true about the Spruce Goose?
    (A) Each of its wings measures 100 meters.
    (B) It weighs 200 pounds.
    (C) It has eight wings to help it to fly.
    (D) It has a wingspan larger than the wingspan of any other plane.

7. The passage indicates that the plane was designed
    (A) as a cargo plane
    (B) as a racing plane
    (C) to carry wood
    (D) for exhibition

8. According to the passage, the Spruce Goose is constructed from
    (A) wood
    (B) lightweight metal
    (C) plastic
     (D) steel

9. According to the passage, when the Spruce Goose flew,
    (A) it went only a short distance
    (B) it fell into the Los Angeles Harbor
    (C) it flew 100 miles
    (D) it carried a large cargo

10. The passage indicates that the Spruce Goose today
     (A) flies regularly for the U.S. government
     (B) is in the Los Angeles Harbor
     (C) is in storage
      (D) can be seen by the public

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